Thursday, January 20, 2011

newmusicmonday #76:: Shimmering Stars

image:: Shimmering Stars, MySpace

Genredark indie pop
MembersRory McClure - Guitar, Vox
Andrew Dergousoff - Drums, Vox
Brent Sasaki - Bass, Vox
CityVancouver, BC, Canada
Recent release"East Van Girls" 7" b/w "I'm Gonna Try" [almost musique], 5 € + 5 € {S&H}

Vancouver's Shimmering Stars were brought to my attention by Officer Mazeltoff. I love what he had to say about them::
"The band, Shimmering Stars, has a nice old sound to them that reminds me of dive bars on the outskirts of town where no one speaks, just keeps their heads down in their booze."
Here's an interview with the band, explaining how their sound was inspired by old Everly Brothers footage and how late 50s/early 60s pop seemed sweet and innocent, but underneath lurked a dark and repressed centre.

Here's the video for "I'm Gonna Try", directed by Salazar::


Here's a live version of "Sun's Going Down" from HoJo's Basement on Kingsway AKA Biltmore Canaret::

I think my fave track I've heard is "East Van Girls"::

I think what draws me into their sound is that it reminds me of the feedback fuzz of Jesus and Mary Chain and both seem to have a healthy dose of antisocial angst. In the mid-90s, I went through an oldies phase when I was interested in the moody pop of the late 50s and 60s. The oldies station in Eugene, Oregon played "Last Kiss" a lot, which stood out in my mind as an exemplar of the genre. When Pearl Jam covered it, I had moved on and I really didn't like their version, but I never got into Pearl Jam.


I'll leave you with a live cover of 'Let It Be Me" from the same Biltmore show as "Sun's Going Down"::

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