Wednesday, January 26, 2011

newmusicmonday #77:: Rebekah Higgs

image:: Rebekah Higgs, album art, 2007, MySpaceMusic

Genrealt/indie pop
CityHalifax, NS/Toronto, ON, Canada
Upcoming Tour Dates[shows]
12 Feb, 9h, Rivoli, Toronto
25 Feb, 10h, Artel, Kingston, ON
26 Feb, 7h, Kafe 1870, Wakefield, QC
27 Feb, 10h, Elmdale House Tavern, Ottawa, ON

I found out via Songkick that there's an upcoming Rivoli show that I hope I'm in town to see, with two newmusicmonday alums:: Julie Fader{#8} and Tasseomancy {#75}. It's fitting that Rebehah Higgs, who is also on the bill, is finally featured. She's no stranger here, as she was in a video with Laura Barrett that I blogged about last April.

Why do I like Rebekah Higgs? I've come to hate the term "quirky", so I won't use that descriptor. Plus, it wouldn't do her justice. With her stuff there's lots of instrumentation in her soundscapes. Here's a video for a live recording of "Little Voice" recorded in Roncy, shot at Roncesvalles near Grenadier::

"Parables" from 2007 grew on me::

and you can hear snippets of the 10 tracks of her eponymous 2007 album here. Streams from it and her 2010 'Little Voice' EP on the CBCr3 link above. The 'Rebekah Higgs' album has an eclectic sound {not quirky} with interspersings of blue state folk and a sound that reminds me a bit of Minneapolis' The Owls, at times.

I think my fave track right now is "Asleep All Winter", which is on the 'Little Voice' EP and a free download is available on Bandcamp [link]. According to CBCr3, Toronto readers can get her stuff at Soundscapes on College. Check link for other cities.

Plus, you have to love an artist who gives a damn about web usability and gives a Radio 3 shoutout::

Twitterversion:: [blog+videos] belated #newmusicmonday feat @rebekahhiggs Upcoming 12Feb Rivoli #Toronto show w/Tasseomancy & Julie Fader @Prof_K

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