Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Toronto Islands Ferry in the Dead of Winter

Upon returning to Toronto in the dead of winter, I wondered about the Toronto Islands and whether the Toronto Harbour froze over. Looking at the webcam at the Westin::

and doing a bit of reading, it looks like the harbour rarely freezes solid and icebreakers keep the ferries going.

Winter is still a novelty for me. I was out at the Beach near Kew Gardens and over by the RC Harris water treatment plant {Queen East & Victoria Park} in December, enjoying the solitude and marvelling at the lake's clarity.

Leuty Lifeguard House, December 2010

Looking west from Leuty Lifeguard House, December 2010

Near RC Harris Water Filtration Plant, foot of Nursewood, December 2010

Twitterversion:: [video+photos] Footage of #Toronto Islands ferry in the dead of winter {2009} + photos of winter at the Beach {2010}  @Prof_K

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linnyqat said...

I love the Beach in the winter. It's so peaceful without all the crowds. I used to go down there and walk the boardwalk and let myself sink into the greyness, just accept it and not struggle against the cloudy, murky skies of winter in Toronto. Being near the water is so soothing.

Beautiful photos.