Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Interactive Advertising:: Intel's "The Chase"

This 2 minute ad for the second generation Intel Core i5 chipsets was meant to build buzz. It went viral with over 2M views. According to Adverbox, the agency is Venebles Bell and Partners in San Francisco. It's taking this type of visual mashup concept to the next level {or two} with the added bonus of resembling a real life Rube Goldberg machine.

I like the execution. I think it will have a positive effect on the Intel brand, despite the partial recall of the Intel 6 series at the end of January. Nevertheless, I think branding what many perceive to be a commodity is an uphill battle. In the Mac realm, there is no choice but Intel. In fact the next generation of the Apple's Macbook Pro line is expected to use Intel's Sandy Bridge technologies.

Increasing the salience and positive associations of the brand of a product that most people don't buy directly is a tricky proposition, but increasingly important given the competition in semiconductors and the future battlegrounds in processors for smartphone and tech appliance. The Intel video on my Macbook is known to be a big meh, and it looks like Intel video is coming back to lower-end Macs and the Macbook Air. Nevertheless, Interbrand ranked Intel 7th. globally [pdf]::

Twitterversion:: [video+blog] Viral video Intel Core i5 ad, The Chase, building brand in a category that's bland @Prof_K

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