Tuesday, February 01, 2011

newmusicmonday #78:: Data Romance

image:: Album art, by Archan Nair, photogtaphy by Dave Hamilton

MembersAjay Bhattacharyya
Amy Kirkpatrick
CityVancouver, BC, Canada


The regular readers know I have an inexplicable soft spot for sone techno and electronica. I think Data Romance is on the cusp of doing some really interesting stuff. OK, so while "Bones" might come across as prototypical for the genre of electronica dance pop::

Give a listen to "Little Drummer Boy"::

I like Amy's vocals on this and the more minimalist approach to this arrangement.

 If you're wondering what Ajay's using in the videos that looks like one of those multiplication tables toys {left} analogue-loving kids have  parents buy, it's a Monome controller. The device is positioning itself as a statement of sustainability and local production. According to Engadget::
"The company's latest, Arc, features two anodized milled aluminum knobs, an enclosure made of black walnut (sustainably harvested in central Pennsylvania, of course), lead free printed circuit boards and circuitry, a felt slip mat made from wool purchased from small farms in the US, and -- well, that's pretty much it. Hand assembled on a farm in upstate New York, this device sends OSC data to a computer via USB."
It's also pricey, but maybe pricey—the antithesis of mass-produced, inexpensive, and imported is something that we should all embrace just a little.

Data Romance did the soundtrack for the film, Life Cycle {2010} [DVD].

Here's the trailer::

Twitterversion:: [blog+videos] Belated #newmusicmonday featuring Monome wielding Data Romance from #Vancouver BC.  http://goo.gl/Gc8p0 @Prof_K

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