Tuesday, February 22, 2011

newmusicmonday #81:: Octoberman

image:: Hearya.com

Genrealt rock
MembersMarc Morrissette {vocals; guitar}

C.L. McLaughlin (guitars, background vocals)
Rob Josephson (drums)
Graham Christofferson (bass)
Leah Abramson (background vocals)
Anju Singh (violin, viola)
Shaun Brodie (trumpet)
Jessica Wilkin (piano)
Sarah Hallman (background vocals)
BaseToronto, ON, Canada

White Whale Records [store] [bandcamp-streams & downloads]

This week's newmusicmonday is Octoberman, fronted by Marc Morrissette, of Kids These Days fame. Now Magazine liked 2009's Fortresses, mentioning the uke-driven "Thirty Reasons" as a standout track::

I must admit it's not my favourite track. I prefer the arrangement and sound of "Trapped in the New Scene"::

Here's an interview of Marc from back in 2009. If you listen closely, you can hear a bit of Dylan and The Faces with more youthful sounding vocals. The cover of Sloan's "Sugar Tune" {see CBCr3 link above or here on 'Take It In'-the Sloan tribute album} might be a bit hard to get into for those who really like the original, but I found the arrangement compelling.

Marc has been recording and I'll leave you with "The Backlash", which wallernotweller deems as one of the top slacker anthems.

Twitterversion:: [blog+videos] #newmusicmonday featuring @Octoberman.

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