Monday, February 28, 2011

The Rotisserie Channel

Swiss Chalet launched The Rotisserie Channel today, which is on channel 208 on Rogers here in Toronto and up there in excitement as the Fireplace Channel. I saw this being hyped on Twitter in the past week or so. Below a clip. You can hear crackling cooking sounds. Warning:: those whose food tends not to have faces may not want to view this.

This reminds me that over the weekend I was on the Danforth, with its plethora of roasted meat smells, which I must admit has more going for it than Swiss Chalet. On another note, I've noticed that people either love or hate Swiss Chalet sauce. I'm not a fan. Bear in mind, I'm someone who slurped cold KFC gravy for comedic effect somewhere in rural Minnesota...and I can't deal with Swiss Chalet sauce. It's in packets available in the grocery store. You can try to make your own with this recipe.

Twitterversion:: [video] Clip of Swiss Chalet's Rotisserie Channel, launched today on Rogers {ch #208} @Prof_K

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