Thursday, March 10, 2011

Music, Actor, & the Ad:: Heart, Kari Wahlgren, & Swiffer

Swiffer has been using 70s and 80s songs in its commercials to tap into familiarity and positive associations, while completing the narrative of how "outmoded" cleaning products and dirt personified cope in a Swifferian universe. The song used is Heart's "What About Love" {1985}, originally recorded in 1982 by a Canadian group, Toronto, but unreleased until 2002.

The actor in the first ad is Kari Wahlgren, known for doing voiceover work. I couldn't find out who the Steve Carell look alike is. If you know, feel free to comment,

Twitterversion:: #MusicAndTheAd Voiceover actor Kari Wahlgren featured in Swiffer ads w/Heart's version of Toronto's "What About Love?" @Prof_K

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