Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sendai Tsunami Satellite Imagery

Satellite imagery from 26 February 2011 and 12 March 2011, 10h30m JST
I saw these satellite photos on the International Business Times and decided to create an animated gif showing the before and after of the tsunami following the Sendai earthquake. Rather than use GIMP, I used Picasion, which was much quicker. Despite the clouds in the 12 March photo, you can see the extent of the inundation of the coastal plain. Here's a Google Map for reference.

I havent been to the Sendai part of Japan, but it reminds me of the flat coastal plain 300km to the south, near the mouth of the Tone River {利根川} that you see on the approach to Narita. That area was also affected by the quake and hit by the tsunami.

Twitterversion:: [image] NASA satellite images of Sendai used to generate a before & after animated GIF of the tsunami. @Prof_K


Kenneth M. Kambara said...

Here's a blog with more detailed satellite images of cargo containers strewn about.

Kenneth M. Kambara said...

More images from the NYTimes, which are much more detailed.