Friday, April 01, 2011

Google Gmail Motion:: Fail or Genius?

Google is introducing GMail Motion that allows nonverbal cues to command your programmes. It's definitely worth seeing their pitch of this, which is just 1:53. Now, everyone can act like a baseball umpire or referee. Before you get all fail whale on their asses, hear this out.

Twitterversion:: [video] Google 'introduces' GMail Motion w/demo—nonverbal gestures command your software. #Fail or genius. You decide.   @Prof_K


linnyqat said...

That was perfect. Started off kinda okay, maybe? Then got weirder and weirder, especially with the licking the stamp and slapping the knee to send. Love it! Total kudos.

Danny said...

LOl, weird only starts to describe this.I think we all would like to be geeks gyrating trying to open our email.I think ill stick with outdated mouse and keyboard for now heck im still using windows. xx