Monday, April 04, 2011

Harper, God, & Our Queen

The following comment by "Sir Charles" on this CBC article, "Tories hope to make inroads with 'ethnic vote'", made me laugh. Make sure to play the song first...


I love his signature:: "God Bless Canada, our Queen and The Harper Government. "

This got me thinking...could this be an "astroturfer" who got this "job"?::

Well, Sir Chuck is supposedly a Bach-loving Harper-supporter from New Brunswick interested in "Politics - For the betterment of the World", who just recently started commenting on CBC fapping to the Harper tune on the gun registry and deriding Layton's proposal to raise CPP benefits. Who know, maybe Chuck is a real guy in Lower Kintore, but he seems straight out of central casting with a fist-shaking cantankerousness of a Toronto Sun reader pining for the good old days. His persona appears to follow a checklist for a commenter appearing to target the current Tory base::
  • Cranky
  • Old
  • Anglophone
  • Loves the monarchy
  • Loves Harper
  • Into God
  • Ostensibly, a white male?
Somehow, I don't see him taking a Sharpie to his bare chest with a message to prove he's real on 4-chan's /b/, but the election season has a ways to go. At any rate, if Ignatieff has his big red tent, I get a sense that Harper and his disciples are stocking up on blue pills.

Twitterversion:: [blog] A prototypical supporter of Stephen Harper or "astroturfer"? You decide... @Prof_K

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