Monday, April 04, 2011

NDP, non, NPD!:: Political Ads in Québec

The NDP is eyeing ridings in Québec beyond Thomas Mulcair's Outremont beachhead, including Gatineau and Abitibi-Baie-James-Nunavik-Eeyou, the latter encompasses Nunavik and has a 30% aboriginal population. Romeo Saganash, a Cree leader, is running for the NDP in Abitibi-Baie-James-Nunavik-Eeyou and is seen as an odds-on favourite. They're also trying to pick up Hull-Alymer, which may be a long shot, although the NDP is enjoying a surge in the polls, are viewed by many as a federalist option in the province, and have the support of many francophones::
"The NDP, and Layton in particular, have consistently polled much better than the Liberals among French-speaking voters, the key demographic in Québec elections."
 I've noticed that the NDP is a strong second choice for Bloc supporters in EKOS data.

The NDP is airing two ads that I think are simple and communicate their message:: Ottawa isn't working. The "Chiens" {dogs} invokes barking dogs::

"toujours les mêmes débats qui ne mènent nulle part"/"always the same debates that lead nowhere."
"il est temps que ca change"/"it is time for a change"

Here's last week's "Hamster"::

"La politique fait du surplace à Ottawa"/"Politics has stood still in Ottawa"
"il est temps que ca change"/"it is time for a change"
The clever ads aren't particularly flashy, but they convey a simple message in a 15" spot. The appeal is a straightforward pitch of a federalist {non-Bloc} alternative to Stephen Harper's Conservatives that's not Michael Ignatieff's Liberals. The Globe & Mail seem unimpressed with the seemingly pedestrian offering, but I think a mix of these ads along with those advocating platform policies can be quite effective in the 4 ridings that they're targeting.

I'll be blogging about the second instalment of the NDP's "Not So Great Moments in Canadian History" in a future blog, along with an analysis of the NDP small business tax policy.

Twitterversion:: [videos] NDP/NPD ads in Québec positioning the party as a federalist alternative #elxn41 #canpoli @Prof_K

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