Monday, April 04, 2011

newmusicmonday #87:: Les Breastfeeders

image:: par joe, MySpace

Genrepop punk
MembersLuc Brien:: Vocals and guitar
Sunny Duval:: Lead guitar
Suzie Mc Lelove:: Vocals and guitar
Joe Bass
Johnny Maldoror:: Tambourine
Pat No:: Drum
BaseMontréal, QC, Canada

Blow the Fuse

The Breastfeeders aren't exactly new {founded in 1999}, but they tend not to show up on the radar in anglophone circles. The band's songs are in French with lyrics that tend towards the philosophical, adding to the mix. Not surprisingly, the band tends to receive more attention outside of Canada. Hopefully, without getting pelted with waterbottles. like the lead singer was at Vancouver 2010.

The band's brand of pop punk is easy to like and I have to admit that soundproof nails it with this quip::
"Les Breastfeeders make dance music for those of us who don't like dance music."
A few years back, this video of "Viens avec moi" directed by Jean-François Caissy got some buzz by Pitchfork and is a good intro to the band's sound::

Their latest album, 'Dans la gueule des jours', was released about the month ago and is available on their site {link above}, along with a free download for "400 Milles".

"Mini Jupe et Watusi" from way back in '06 taps into a retro Quadropheniac vibe::

as does the animated "Tuer l'idole"::

You can check out streamed tracks on CBCr3 and MySpace. It doesn't look like they're touring any time soon.

Twitterversion::[blog+videos] #newmusicmonday w/Les Breastfeeders from #Montreal. New release 'Dans la gueule des jours' & free download  @Prof_K

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