Monday, April 18, 2011

newmusicmonday #89:: Silver Dapple

image:: Victor Vargas, MySpace

Genreshoegaze pop
MembersEmily Deimert (Moby Dicks, Coolies)
Jesse Locke (Mount Analogue, Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome)
Markus Lake (Jane Vain and the Dark Matter, The Incandescence)
BaseMontréal, QC, Canada

Upcoming Tour Dates
Planet of the Tapes

23 April:: Torn Curtain, Montréal w/Long Long Long & Sheer Agony

cassette art,
'White Door By Carl'

I don't know if I should consider Silver Dapple to be a guilty pleasure, since their 90s shoegazey low-fi sound appeals to a retro-stuck sensibility that I'm prone to. The thing is if Silver Dapple were one-note, I'd feel more self-conscous about it. A recent bit of brilliance is on Bandcamp in the form of "Slip Stitch" full of catchy hooks and percussive drumming::

A free download is available on the download link on the player. This foxydigitalis review of 'White Door By Carl' [see player below], a shared cassette between Silver Dapple and Les Beyond, hits the nail on the head with this quote summing things up nicely::
"These kids take the sounds of yesteryear and bubble out their own special sounds. "
Here's WeirdCanada's review of 'White Door By Carl'. Other strong tracks are "{Pauses}", as well as "2 x 2".

Twitterversion:: [blog+streams] #newmusicmonday feat. shoegaze pop of #Montreal's Silver Dapple. Upcoming Torn Curtain show on 23 April. @Prof_K

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