Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Perv Appeal in Advertising

The latest Koodo ad featuring El Tabador, introduced last year as a Mexican lucha libre revolutionary hell bent on helping cellular customers fight the big three, has gone from cheeky to pervy {above} and flatulent::

¡Viva, El Flatulante!

I'm clearly not the target audience for this campaign by Taxi2—or most Canadian cellular ad campaigns, as those from Rogers and Bell feature the most suckerpunchworthy characters on the planet. Being from California, I thought the El Tabador ad campaign was pushing the limits of good taste by featuring a cultural entertainment stereotype, but that's the whole point of the execution and its humour. They are, after all, competing in the same prepaid cellular segments with Wind, known for the "hot dog vendor" spot. 

I'm no prude, but the "perv" appeal of the "Yoga" ad bugs me. Why? It's just not that funny. It reminds me of a story I've heard about a commenter's brother. He yelled out at a high school play to one of commenter's friends who was on stage, "Nice tits!" Ah, sexual shock value, how novel. While one might be willing to cut an 18-year old from Kingston, Ontario some slack, he's pretty much the same guy with the same pedestrian sense of humour. The leering of El Tabador is similarly one-note, with the punchline being that "oh-no-he-didn't" moment, which isn't that edgy, but is more like a thumbing-of-the-nose at those with PC/feminist sensibilities. 

My take? If you want to go "pervy"/funny, strive for Meredith, Kevin or Creed from The Office {NBC}::

The objective should be to be edgy and appeal to the younger customers with a creative execution, but without alienating others; others who may be funding the purchases. I'd nevertheless draw the line at any execution along the lines of Quagmire,  Herbert, or Spottswoode {nsfw}.

Twitterversion:: [video+blog] Koodo ads in Canada using pedestrian perv appeal of El Tabador to sell cellphones @Prof_K

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