Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Seat Projections for the 2011 Canadian Elections

I've been getting traffic from searches on Canadian federal seat projections. I've compiled this list of sites that have calculated projections based on polling data. I might comment on the methodologies in a future post, but that would take some researching. The average results for the four projections {I didn't include electionprediction's estimate that didn't assign all seats, due to those that were "too close to call"}::

CPC:: 150 LPC:: 76 NDP:: 35 BLOC:: 47 GPC::0 OTH:: 0
Clicking on the following images will open the sites in a new window with ostensibly the latest predictions.
9 April 2011,
13 April 2011,

11 April 2011, Laurier Institute for the Study of Public Policy

12 April 2011,

12 April 2011,

Twitterversion:: [links] compilation of federal #elxn41 seat projections. #cdnpoli  Average:: CPC::150  LPC::76  NDP::35 BLOC::47 GPC::0 @Prof_K

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Anonymous said...

Glad those Quebec projections didn't hold. Nobody expected Prime Minister Layton to gain so much ground.