Monday, May 02, 2011

newmusicmonday #91:: Rah Rah

Rah Rah, PopMontréal performing Nancy Drew, MySpaceMusic

Genrealt rock
MembersMarshall Burns Vocals, Guitar
Erin Passmore Vocals, Drums, Keyboard
Kristina Hedlund Vocals, Violin
Joel Passmore Vocals, Bass, Drums
Leif Thorseth Guitar, Good looks
Vanessa Benson Vocals, Keyboards, Bass 
Dan Crozier Guitar
BaseRegina, SK, Canada
LabelHidden Pony

I was on CBC Radio 3 and Rah Rah won me over with "Fuck NAFTA" {on CBCr3}, a song that I find perfect for election day here in Canada.
"Fuck all you stockbrokers in the crowd...
I'm so sick of your management
I'm so sick of your bullshit"

The band would be easy to dismiss as one of those quirky college indie bands, given a quick listen, or worse yet being labelled as Arcade Firey. Rah Rah is a large band with an eclectic melange of instruments at their beck and call, but I find it's often the lyrics that draw me in—their storytelling creating these vignettes out of what seems to be nothing, such as being in love with a communist man. The band manages to say out of indie realms that can be oppressively clichéd. They are neither overly dear nor overly serious and dour. The band released an album last summer, 'Breaking Hearts', and much of what comes through is that this band sounds like they're enjoying making their music. Love of the craft and all that, perhaps. A strong suit is the band's sense of humour that's thankfully not cloying. I have a sense this band will be going places. In 2009, iTunes bestowed the honours of “Best New Canadian Band” and “Best New Alternative Band”.

I'm a fan of "Beachfight", a punkesque homage in a song that clocks in under two minutes::

The folksier "Duet for Emmylou and the Grievous Angel" evokes thoughts of a Prairie Indie::

I'll leave you with "Henry", a catchy song with a video featuring a girl meets werewolf storyline::

Twitterversion:: [blog+videos] #newmusicmonday featuring Regina's Rah Rah, part of an emerging Saskatchewan scene @Prof_K

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