Monday, May 09, 2011

newmusicmonday #92:: Pony Up

image:: Pony Up BBC6, MySpace

Genrealt pop
MembersSarah Moundroukas  guitar, vocals
Lindsay Wills  drums, vocals
Laura Wills  keyboard, vocals
Lisa J. Smith  bass, vocals
BaseMontréal, QC, Canada
LabelLaughing Outlaw {AU}. Download:: Villa Villa Nolawebsite

Pony Up could easily be confused with a slacker retread of 90s grrrl-centric indie pop, but I think there's more going on than that. I think the tipping point for featuring them were lukewarm reviews on Pitchfork. Sure, the confessional lyrics, often tinged with some smirk, edge, and pain, might seem like familiar territory, but {duh} this is pop and it goes with the territory. While the songs from their début EP and two albums {'Make Love to the Judges with Your Eyes'; 'Stay Gold'} are often Plathian keepsakes, which isn't a bad thing. I'm not a fan of every song, but the band is at its best with songs that have an effortless feel to them. Almost as if they're a product of a DIY ethos and minimal fuss, without sounding minimalist. Moreover, the lyrics on songs like "Charles" with references to Manson create imagery that goes far beyond confessional tales of twentysomething angst::

In fact, in an interview below {Dans ton Salon}, the bandmembers discuss how the lyrics are personal and there's a contradiction of lyrics about talking about things and music for dancing that comprises their sound. The right mix can be pop perfection. They tend to fuse the darker themes with a poppy veneer, evident in "The Truth About Cats and Dogs {Is That They Die}" with a video that matches the style::

The band is current on maternity leave according to a Facebook update, but I'm looking forward to their next release and further evolution of their sound. I'll leave you with a 'Dans ton Salon' interview of the band done by P45 {partially in French, but the interview with the band is in English} from 2008::

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