Friday, June 03, 2011

Friday Night Videos:: Five from Lloyd Cole

The above video is of a track from Lloyd's latest, 'Broken Record'.

It took me a while to warm up to this track, from the last Lloyd Cole & the Commotions album, 'Mainstream' {1987}::

Here's the video that got me interested in Lloyd Cole and the Commotions, way back around this time of year in 1985::

Here's a great live version of "A Long Way Down" with orchestra accompaniment from 'An Eye on Music' {1991}::

Here's a 1985 "live version of "Perfect Blue" from 'Whistle Test' & here's a link to the interview::

Finally, a bit of a bonus. Here's Jools Holland as host of "Juke Box Jury" in 1989, which featured Lloyd as a guest::

Twitterversion:: [videos] Five #FridayNightVideos from Lloyd Cole + 1989 appearance on Jools Holland's 'Juke Box Jury' @Prof_K

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