Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friday Night Videos:: The Style Council & The Jam

This is rare footage I've seen around taken from a videotape from Dutch television. It was from early 1983, which is early days of The Style Council, fronted by Paul Weller ex of The Jam. The video is an odd performance of "Speak Like a Child" where the vocals were sung over a tape and Paul Weller's mother, Anne Weller, brings in a tray of tea in the middle. It features the early lineup of Paul and Mick Talbot, along with vocalist Tracie Young and then 17 year old Dutch bass player Claudia Konijin. A commenter on YouTube mentioned that Claudia was in a Dutch band, Dance Stance, originated from the town of Hoorn, 40 km north of Amsterdam.

Here's the video from a year before, the last few days of The Jam with "A Town Called Malice"::

Finally, here's Tony Wilson {yes, of Factory Records and The Haçienda fame} introducing The Jam doing "In the City" on So It Goes::

The last mid-sized {or larger} venue show I went to was a Paul Weller show way back in 2005. I recall the set had a very rock oriented sound, which was a pleasant surprise. At the time, I wanted to, but I never did wind up buying the album, 'As Is Now'. Here's a blurry photo below and another one on Tumblr.
Blurry photo from 17 September 2005 Paul Weller show at
The Warfield in San Francisco

Twitterversion:: [videos] Rare/odd video of early StyleCouncil fr DutchTV+ TheJam "Town Called Malice" & "In the City" #FridayNightVideos @Prof_K

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