Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Mapping 12 Minutes:: How Far Can You Go in Toronto?

WikiTORONTO tweeted the link to Mapnificent where you can generate maps like the above, not only for Toronto, but many other cities. You can also specify time {experimental} and whether of not you have a bike. I chose 12 minutes, as opposed to 15, in order to map several points together on one may without overlap. I'm not sure if the algorithm factors in wait time, but it looks like it's assuming minimal waits.

I wanted to test the hypothesis that being in the centre of the centre of the universe {after all, the riding here is Toronto Centre} yields greater proximity to amenities and things to do. It feels like a lot is within walking or walking+TTC distance. I used the map mashup to compare Yonge/Bloor, the Beach, and Queen West. It looks like being in close proximity to both the Yonge and Bloor subway lines increases reach in two dimensions, while in Queen West and the Beach, the Queen car is the main determining factor of how far you can get in 12 minutes. LinnyQat once showed me how to catch the bus to the Main St. TTC station, which pushes the coverage radius north on the map. I found it interesting that from fairly close proximity to Yonge/Bloor, 12 minutes includes Union Station, Davisville station, the stations in Greektown, Cabbagetown, and Christie Pitts Park.

Twitterversion:: [blog+link] via @WikiTORONTO, how far can you go in 12 minutes in #Toronto? @Prof_K

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