Monday, June 06, 2011

newmusicmonday #96:: Beekeepers Society

image:: Facebook

Genreindie pop
MembersDarcy McMann vocals, train whistle
Fred Yurichuk bass, guitar, keys
Sean Krause   keyboards, guitar
Jessica Fisher vocals, glockenspiel, recorder
Brendan Black guitar, bass, mandolin
Sarah Burton vocals, keys, guitar
Danah McCollum vocals and rain stick 
David Mueses M.I.A
Base & upcoming showToronto, ON, Canada 
NXNE C'est What Friday, June 17 @ 9PM 

NXNE is coming up and I'll be featuring a few of the bands playing. I do have a soft spot for indie pop in the vein of Beekeeper Society. They've gotten a rap for dreary melancholy pop, evident in songs like "Family Ties"::

I'm also a fan of low-fi girl-meets-alien videos that evoke Ed Wood. "House of Frost" isn't so dour and has a campy video echoing the same::

The song "Douglas Coupland" {streamed on CBCr3 and MySp} is definitely worth a listen. It took me a second listen to piece together that this unlisted video was a live version of the song from last fall, recorded in Toronto at El Mocambo::

Twitterversion:: [blog+videos] #newmusicmonday featuring Beekeepers Society fr. #Toronto. Upcoming NXNE show on 17 Jun. @Prof_K

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