Monday, June 13, 2011

newmusicmonday #97:: Careers in Science

Band Careers in Science
Genre post punk/new wave
Members Dave Proctor - SING-MAN
Callum McPhee - STRING-MAN
Jedi Eric - HIT-MAN            
Base Toronto
Label none; 'Whateverwolf' EP on Bandcamp
Tour Dates15 June 2011 NXNE-Rancho Relaxo, Toronto, ON
16 July 2011 The Atria Oshawa, ON
24 July 2011 Gus’ Pub Halifax, Nova Scotia


Call it nerdpunk, but Careers in Science fuses the geekiness of The Venture Brothers and old school punk & 80s new wave. They have an upcoming show at NXNE on late night Wednesday at Rancho Relaxo. Their lyrics are laden with satire, along with plenty of pop culture references of geekdom and suburban paranoia {e.g., "ROCKETS!"}.  Perhaps the "Careers in Science National Anthem" best sums up their Weltanschauung::

"we're not here to save rock and roll, we're here to save tokyo from the 70 foot monsters outside the show. we're not fighting for the common man, we're not a working man's band, we are a band of working men. we're not living on borrowed time, we're punching in 9 to 5, and I think we're doing fine. and if we lose tonight, we'll change sides... if our weapons don't work, we'll wear the monsters shirts. whatever happens, we're not free men."

Twitterversion::  #newmusicminday feat. old school punk of #Toronto based Careers in Science.  Upcoming #NXNE show 15Jun at Rancho Relaxo @Prof_K

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