Friday, June 03, 2011

The Non-Story of the Might Be Social Media Fail:: Rep. Anthony Weiner

The fingerwaggers and failhounds are out in force ready to pounce on Congressman Anthony Weiner's social media debacle, be it a hacking or an intentional wooing gone awry. It's one thing to be the butt of the joke, but the fact that this is a news story is perplexing. Even if it's true, so what. It's between him and his wife—and not something that should force a resignation or an investigating of {a} whether he sent it or {b} lied about not sending it. End of story. Call me overly modern, but this and the Chris Lee incident seem to stretch the idea that a politician's "morals" reflect her/his ability to do their job. After all, how many people would be out of a job if browser caches on home and work computers could be used in personnel reviews.

I think it may take some time, but how the Internet serves as a nice warm medium for oversharing and instant transmission of content will eventually cause people to get over such scandals. I'm hoping this whole non-story gets put to bed. Now, a better story would be how Weiner's second grade bully, Brooklyn lawyer and churlish assclown, Alex Grossman {plenty of joke fodder there} becomes targeted himself after coming out of the woodwork to rehash his glory days of douchery::
"As the representative’s most vocal heckler, Mr. Grossman has reappeared periodically throughout Mr. Weiner’s life in order to make fun of his name. When Mr. Weiner dirtied his baseball uniform at Brooklyn Technical High School, Grossman yelled, 'That’s one filthy Weiner.' When Mr. Weiner gained 20 pounds at State University of New York at Plattsburgh, Grossman bellowed, 'That’s one big Weiner.' When Mr. Weiner became the youngest person to serve on the New York City Council, Mr. Grossman was there to holler, 'Now, that’s one serious Weiner.'”
I think Alex needs a drubbing of his own. Take it away /b/...or any of the dark forces of the Internet out there.

Twitterversion:: [blog] The non-story of Weiner's wiener. How long will it take us to turn the corner on fingerpointing moralizing? @Prof_K

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