Thursday, July 28, 2011

Redistricting California Style

CA-9, held by Barbara Lee [D], has only minor changes in its boundaries

The California Citizens Redistricting Commission has released its final draft of the Congressional district map [type in address & select map at top]. I found the address finder on the map to be intermittently buggy, so it might be better to click on a location. The shapefiles and databases are located here. According to the LATimes the Commission is charged with::
"It is charged with keeping together neighborhoods, ethnic groups, socioeconomic groups and other 'communities of interest' without regard to their party registration or any risk to current officeholders."
The last round of maps was roundly criticized. The commission is the result of 2010's referendum, Prop 20, which sought to depoliticize the drawing of boundaries for the state senate, state assembly, board of equalization, and federal congressional districts. There was a "poison pill" opponent, Prop 27, that lost. The NY Times had an article on the man behind the initiative, Charles Munger, Jr.

The more gerrymandered congressional districts appear to have lost their appendages and tails when compared to the current lines. Three of California's congressional districts {11th., 18th., & 38th.} made it on Slate's top 20 list in 2009.

Twitterversion:: [blog+link] Final draughts of California citizen-driven redistricting maps & shapefiles published. Whither gerrymandering? @Prof_K

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