Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Few Words on Jack Layton

It seems fitting that I have to leave Canada for a spell. This will mark the end of an era for mea chapter bookended by Dion's green shift and this very sad moment of Layton's passing. Over the past few years since I started visiting Canada regularly, I grew fond of Jack Layton. Covering the 2011 federal election I witnessed the rise of Jack Layton's NDP and the energy he brought to the political scene. Its infectiousness was palpable in Canada as the pundits and pollsters tried to figure out why his star was on its meteoric rise. Perhaps it was the hope for a new Canada that could forge a new path in this globalized era. Maybe it was his way of resonating with a wide array of constituencies, from Surrey North to northern Ontario to urban and rural Québec.

I was in Québec two weeks after the federal election. There were still plenty of NPD signs up like this one I spotted in Jeanne—Le Ber.

My colleague in Estrie {Missisquoi—Brome}, Louis McComber, said Jack had the ability to speak colloquial French in a way that connected to the people.

I wish I had a Jack Layton story like Impolitical, but such is life. I was planning on doing an art project with the stencil above. I never even gotten around to contacting skek for permission. This serves as a reminder of how time is finite.

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