Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Night Video:: Jill Sobule-"Cinnamon Park"

I was coming back to the States after crossing at Pt. Vincent, NY, a seasonal entry point, on 24 August. I thought it would be pretty chill and would surely beat a major crossing with long wait times. Wrong. The experience was like a colonoscopy, which is fodder for another blog post. Driving through the southern edge of the Catskills past Binghampton en route to Tarrytown/NYC, WJFF-Radio Catskill came in. After hearing about Hurricane Irene taking aim at NY and Steve Jobs' resignation as CEO of Apple, this Jill Sobule song seemed to make a dreary day not so bad. I think part of why this song made such an impact was it reminded me of a very friendly, vibrantly red carpet at the CNE. Only 10 people will know what I'm talking about and that's about right.

Yes, you are hearing a sample of Chicago's "Saturday in the Park", which is more evident in this partial music video::

Me and Betty Shelly were at Cinnamon Park
Waiting for the battle of the bands
Betty's older brother had a bad reputation
And a waterbed in his van
He said hey Jilly Sue I've got something for you
Something that will blow your mind
We hopped into his van
And he opened his hand
And said it's only mother nature
Cinnamon park in a cinnamon daze
We were so freaked out
But in a really good way
In a really good way
Yeah those were the days
I wish I could go back again
Billy had a talk box and a Peavey bass
Started feeling funny when they hit the stage
Betty was getting so shitfaced
And I could not stop laughing
As I spun all around and I laid on the ground
I was amazed at how the clouds just kept moving
And they played the same song
And they played the chords wrong
But I never heard it better
Betty's now in counseling
And she's using again
Her brother's unemployed but with a brand new van
Billy came in second in the battle of the bands
Wish we could go back again

Twitterversion:: [video] #FridayNightVideo Jill Sobule's Cinnamon Park

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