Monday, July 16, 2012

newmusicmonday#102::International Zombies of Love

Greetings from the foggy hills of Berkeley with the latest newmusicmonday. I'd like to get back to regularly blogging, but let's just start with some baby steps. There are chamber pop elements to IZOL such as the use of french horns that I can't seem to resist. A CBCr3 find, the band is the latest project of Mike Farrell, known as the frontman of The Pariahs. I'd start out by checking out "Back to the Ball"::

I hear a hint of Patrick Monahan {Train} in the vocals {e.g., on "Laughing on Instinct"} that can veer into a Buddy Holly twang {e.g., on "Snowy Street"}, which isn't a bad thing, as I think it works with the band's sound. Here's a link to their Bandcamp player. I like how the lyrics aren't overwrought with cleverness and preciousness, but that doesn't mean the music's devoid of smart sentiment. This is summer music for me—enjoy, unless you're sleeping off the season.

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