Monday, February 11, 2013

newmusicmonday #105:: Faye

This installment of newmusicmonday is Faye, a band that hails from Sweden fronted by Faye Hamlin. The Guardian (UK) spotlighted her last May, but I just stumbled on her via The Line of Best Fit, reminding me of days of my youth when I'd find out about UK singles 6+ months after their release.

Some might find a musical similarity to Lana Del Rey. I actually have a soft spot for Lana. Maybe it has something to do with how Brian Williams self-immolated after torching her SNL performance, which I saw (tape delayed) on PST and have always thought he and the Twitterverse were being unduly harsh.

The quotidian lyrics wrought with emotion are what caught my ear. I'd like a bit of a different production style, but that's a matter of taste. Like Lana, there's a cinematic quality to her delivery and a presence that is engaging.

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