Monday, February 25, 2013

newmusicmonday #107:: The Lovely Eggs (We Don't All Want Morrisey Style Depression or Mumford & Sons Bullshit Pseudo Private School Faux Folk)

It might seem like I'm regressing to some Anglophile indie past, but I assure you, it's not 1984 and I won't be doing the 2013 equivalent of sharing with you the latest Rough Trade import of British obscura. The Lovely Eggs aren't everyone's cuppa, with a stripped down low-fi sound, bratty vocals, and punk sensibilities, the married duo, Holly Ross and David Blackwell, have an interesting mix of pop sensibilities fused with irreverence that can go off key (and in my opinion still pull it off).

A few years back, they came up with "Have You Ever Heard a Digital Accordion?":

Given this video alone, I'd love to collaborate with them on a Fringe musical show with a good natured punk sneer along with pop culture references that reel people in. There are the haters, but I loved this comment on the above video in their defense:

"Why the obsession with slagging them off. I think they're great, at least they don't fake insincerity and hardship like most bollocks indie music out there. It's just crazy and fun. We don't all want Morrisey style depression or Mumford and Sons bullshit pseudo private school faux folk. Chill out. If you saw where this music came from you'd understand the bare bones nature and crazy lyrics. Lancaster is such a depressing place. This makes it happy." —ruadriob 

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