Monday, April 08, 2013

newmusicmonday #109:: Le Couleur

1987 might be a time to forget for many, musically. It was a time of the club mix and everything sounded a bit overproduced. Post-punk gave in with the Psych Furs opting for blaring horn synth, while New Order was setting the bar for fusing alternative, disco, and pop.

Montréal's Le Couleur takes us back to 1987 and captures the era in a way that doesn't cause a wince, since they're winking, not worshipping at some late-80s altar. The Hall & Oates reference and blithesome 80s optimistic throwaway lines ooze the cheesiness of the era with this homage in "Vacances de 1987", a collaboration with French Horn Rebellion::
Oh baby/"Do you like Hall and Oates" was the first thing she said to me/It's crazy/  After that there were words but they sounded like french to me/ I was in love/ Right from the start/ 
The summer/ Of 1987 was our symphony/ Together/ On a vacation of love / That made me see, made me see, made me see/ An American boy/ Canadian girl/ Though they don't speak the same together / You know that they can change the world/ Oh we can change the world/
Others have called their work kitschy and campy, but I don't think that does it justice. Their other stuff evokes Isabelle Antena and their sleeve art for "Origami" out Peter Savilles Peter Saville and the remix art could be from the Rough Trade catalog.

There's a nod to French synthpop and the bubbling undercurrents of early 90s indie dance that drew from 60s soul and 70s techno like UK's Saint Etienne.

Here's several tracks from their Soundcloud::

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