Sunday, January 12, 2014

Music & the Ad: Bowie's "I'd Rather Be High" (Venetian Mix) & Louis Vuitton

I saw this ad on Hulu in December and NME had a good overview last month. The song featured is Bowie's "I'd Rather Be High" (Venetian Mix), The ad was directed by Greek director, Romain Gavras, who also did "Born Free" for MIA. The exteriors were shot in Venice and the gracefully aging David Jones is at a postmodern costume parties mixing styles and eras. The ad is part of the campaign for LV's L'Invitation au voyage—Venice collection. The anti-war song is an interesting choice, but the ad with its bricolage works in its juxtapositions. The song's harpsichord and Bowie with his alt-yet-mainstream-friendly style are crossing boundaries of cultural capital visually and in a way that's on-code with the brand. The official video, directed by Tom Hingston, is far less sumptuous and fashion-friendly, but closer to the song's meaning: The “Love Is Lost” vinyl single has great artwork with a cutout sleeve featuring the remix and an expanded reissue of "The Next Day Extra".    bowie_love_is_lost_vinyl_2-500x498 bowie_love_is_lost_vinyl_1-500x501

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hipster & the Ad: belVita Blueberry

I only get to see commercials on vacation, other than Hulu ads, so I've been soaking them in. This one caught my ear, as I was working on some stuff in hotel rooms in New Mexico & Colorado. I mondegreened "belVita" as Velveeta, which made absolutely no sense when you factor in it was for breakfast bites. I thought the song was catchy & very millennial hipster chic, in a good way. Katie Malia stars in the ad as a bit of a manic pixie dream girl, but that's the point. She gets all her energy from these Nabisco bars. My final mondegreen was morning wood for morning win, the latter is the title of the spot and the focal point of a hashtag campaign. More on the ad here.