Monday, May 19, 2014

MadMen "The Strategy": Home

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 11.33.34 AM 1 If you hate spoilers…go away. This week's ep of MadMen "the strategy" (s7e6) was pretty straightforward & I felt moved things along. The theme of home & family was framed by the seeds of doubt that Don planted in Peggy's mind about creative strategy for Burger Chef, which was about the dad giving approval for the mom not cooking, relieving family tension—an idea Lou loves. -Pete visits his daughter, realizes he's not a part of his daughter's family, & that Trudy is moving on (while a nanny takes care of his kid) -Don is trying to get Megan to think of NYC as home again. -Peggy is starting to lament being 30 & not being a mom & homemaker. -Bob is trying to create an 'arranged' home w/Joan to create a façade of being a family man for Buick. This could have been dealt with in the blunt trope of a culture war with Lou representing antiquated notions of family, juxtaposed against the headiness of the sexual revolution of 1969. Instead, it's clear that the idea of home, family, & the interpersonal isn't so cut & dried. all of these characters struggle in their relationships to find happiness, but is that the problem? The final scene has part of the Burger Chef team as a 'work family'. Don is the dad & the (incestuous) kids are Peggy & Pete (whoops, this isn't Lars Von Trier's MadMen), but they're at the table…a third space family table, in a restaurant that's shaped like a house.